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The cockerel and the hen

What do we need ?

A few strong boys and girls. A timer (optional).

The game

This game can get a bit rough, so our cockerels and hens need to be pretty tough.

Choose two people as the cockerel and the hen. Once the cockerel and hen have been picked, form a circle. The hen goes inside the circle so she cannot escape. The cockerel stays outside the circle. The aim of the game is to escape the circle, or break into it, as quickly as possible.
The cockerel can only enter over the top of circle and the hen has to try and escape between people's legs. The first person to break in or out of the circle is the winner.

This game can be made ever more fun by playing in two different stages, with two teams competing against each other. In the first half, team X forms a circle and team Y chooses a hen and a cockerel. One person times how long it takes for a player to escape or enter the circle. In the second half we swap sides, and team Y forms the circle while team X tries to enter or escape it. Which team will get it done the fastest?