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Egg race

What do we need ?

A blown egg, a straw, Lego or Duplo blocks, a timer.

Alternative: books, or similar...


The game

There are two major tasks to be completed before you can get started with the egg race. Firstly, you will need to blow out an egg to make it a bit easier to steer along the course with your straw. If there are several people in the race, everyone will need a blown-out egg. For a little something extra, everyone can paint his or her egg is a pretty colour of his or her choosing. Once everyone has a blown-out egg, we can get started with building the course. The course can be made morethan just Lego or Duplo blocks.

Show everyone how creative you are and design the best course you can imagine. Once the course is complete, let the races begin! Take it in turns to complete the course as quickly as possible. Remember that you can only propel the egg forward by blowing through your straw. You must not use your hands (or feet). Watch out! The egg's oval shape makes the race even trickier. The winner is the person who gets around the course in the fastest time.