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Egg Painting

What do we need?

A large plastic sheet , a few empty eggshells, a canvas or a large piece of paper, some crepe paper, an empty egg crate, some glue.


We will need to get hold a few empty eggshells before we can get started on our egg bombs. Once we've got the empty eggshells we can fill them with paint. Use a piece of the crepe paper to cover the opening in the shell. Next, use the glue to stick the crepe paper to the egg and cover the opening in the shell completely. Once the egg bombs are ready, place them in the empty egg crate with the opening at the top.

Now the fun can really begin! Lay out the plastic sheet in the place where you will create your ‘masterpiece’. The best place is outside, on the grass or on the pavement. That way you can be sure to keep down the mess. Now take your canvas and lay it on the plastic sheet. Think about how you want to paint. If you want to throw your bombs, it is better to lean your canvas upright. If you just want to drop them, simply lay the canvas on the plastic sheet.

When everything is ready - bombs away!